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                                     Dues           Minimums 

Regular                       $50                  $75 

Couple over the age of 40.


Single                          $40                 $45 

Individual over the age of 40.


Young Professional   $35                  n/a 

Individual under the age of 40.


Corporate                   $150               n/a 

Includes 10 individual memberships.


Out of County            $150 (annual) n/a 

Residing outside of Daviess County.

Members pay dues to support the Club’s facilities and upkeep.
Some memberships require a monthly minimum food purchase. Members receive credit toward their minimum for all purchases made by their guests as well.


The members benefit with access to a social and dining experience with friends and peers. It creates networking opportunities as well as a sense of sanctuary from the hustle and bustle outside the Club. Members enjoy privacy for meetings and intimate evenings with loved ones and friends as well as the option for social gatherings or large groups. The Club’s facilities can easily accommodate up to 150 dining guests or more for cocktail parties. Members have the option to rent the Club or rooms in the club for special events at no additional charge. As a member of the Club you can enjoy dining at many other private dining clubs across the country. We have a growing list of reciprocal agreements with other private dining and country clubs.  

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